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ZOHO BackStage - Event Portal

Event management software for simple management of all types of events and ventures.

Whether you are preparing your own company events for your employees, workshops or conferences for customers, a party for partners or you are an agency that offers a professional event management system, this solution is for you. Everything related to backstage up to the final look and presentation.

From the initial management of one or more events, through professional design of event content, invitations of participants, speakers or even sponsors, the design and sale of tickets - ticketing or registration management to the actual production on the site, physical registration of participants by readers, online projection of presentations and programs on mobile devices, discussion forums and voting and much more.  

What is Backstage? A word that has been made up of experts and in translation means backstage. 

ZOHO Backstage thus describes very well what you can expect from it but offers much more. 

See more guides to individual areas of this event management or the video at the end of this page

*Zoho BackStage is standard without Czech or Slovak localization of the visitor portal, which we provide on request.

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Demo visitor portal
Backstage ZOHO portal
Link to Demo "Travel festival"
event management

1. Manage the entire portal for all events.

The event portal clearly displays and allows you to manage individual events or events, each separately, a preview of the venue. Actions can be created completely new or copied to create them simply from already preset templates.
It is also used to manage users and team members overall for each event, set up custom portal branding, manage outgoing addresses, and other overall settings needed for the entire event portal, valid together for all managed events.

event management - top menu

2.1 Managing individual individual events - top menu.

You can manage individual events or events both from the outside world, that is, who is in the team, what is the entry mechanism - ticketing or if you are not selling tickets and distributing invitations. What the photo gallery will look like, what groups of participants invite, what communication on social media should look like.

You can communicate with subscribers via mail and other selected channels.

event management

2.2 Managing individual individual events - lower menu.

At the same time, you can also completely manage the content of the event, the location, the texts and their formatting, agenda, speakers, sponsors, graphic form and level of registrations or tickets. All this, whether it's a big event or just a business networking or a workshop.

event management

3 On-site production of events.

The third significant functionality is the on-site event management. Physical code capture on tickets or invitations that happens from mobile apps to organizers. Monitoring the overall progress of the registration of participants, the progress of the program, individual presentations that can be checked in and projected from this portal. As a result, all absent entrants can see the progress live in their mobile BackStage apps and can download the version of the show when the presentation is over, if you allow it. 

mobile app

4. Mobile Backstage Apbuties for visitors and organizers

A great advantage is separate different applications.
Visitors can save their selection of the program, contribute to discussions, monitor the progress of presentations if they are not present.

The organizers will use their apk to register the entries (qr code reader of the ticket code), instant notifications to participants, monitoring of the progress of the fulfillment and registration procedure, and so on.

I want a trial version with a localized portal

Zoho Backstage event management software