• PFC Business Registers

    Program extension (plugin) for ZOHO CRM

    Automatic and individual updates from the Czech

    business register ARES and the Slovak business


These extensions allow you to find the desired subject very quickly and conveniently and download its data to CRM. The possibilities of automating data control will ensure that your database of companies, their addresses and data on the VAT registration number or reliability of the VAT payer will still be up to date, without the need for regular manual checks.
You can also see examples of the functionality of the plugin for ARES (Czech Business Register). Functionality for the Slovak Business Register is similar.
The condition of the use of this plugin is the acceptance of PFC as a development partner by the user. Installation options are limited in some price plans and if you are unable to install the plugin according to the attached instructions, we recommend that you contact our support.
More information about the ARES register can be found here

 More information on the Slovak Trade Register can be found here

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PFC Business Registers PLUGIN PRICE

A user license is suitable for smaller installations with fewer users. It is paid for all active users in CRM, 100 CZK per user per month. For an annual one-time payment, the discount is 25%.

The CRM installation licenseis suitable for larger installations with a larger number of users. It is paid for CRM as a whole of 1000 CZK per month. For an annual one-time payment, the discount is 25%.

I want to get a link for the plugin

Choose how to import company data

Importing ARES data
ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

The plugin is accessible when choosing to create a new customer in the module "Customers".
The "retrieve from ARES" button appears in the header of this tab (Customers), which contains data about individual companies or business entities.

The possibility of manually entering new customer data remains.

Choosing the right record from ARES

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

When you press the "load from ARES" button, the search type selection screen opens. Here we have selected a search by company name.
Additionally, you must specify the company name, because it may not be complete. In the case of searches, for example, among economic subjects - individuals that may be of larger numbers, it is possible to simultaneously narrow the search by entering the street or the city in which the search entity resides.
Search results appear at the bottom, and after clicking the right arrow, this window opens and displays more searched entities if they are there. The choice of subject is done by selecting the correct record and clicking the "Select" button

Choosing an ARES record selection according to the ID

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

When selecting a type of search, it is also possible to select a search based on the ID of a company. If you have such information available, together with the company name, this method leads to a clear identification of the entity and the overall selection is faster.
The import of the result is confirmed in a similar way.

Import status when an existing matching record is found.

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

This status prevents the creation of duplicate records in CRM.

In the case that a record already exists for that company, the user will be given information about the existence of this record and the possibility to choose from two subsequent options.
The user can get to the existing record and look at it, edit it, or check who took it.
The second alternative is "Continue" to compare both records.

The check of an existing record

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

If you need a one-time check of the timeliness of the company data that you are registering in your CRM, you can use the function to check your existing record.
On the checked company card, you have the option to press the "Check ARES" button in the header. When this function is invoked, the existing records in CRM are compared to the current records in the Business Registry.

No differences were found when checking company data

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

The result of checking for the timeliness of the data will be displayed in the window.

Differences were found when checking the company record

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

If there are any differences found between the ARES record and the current record in your CRM, you will receive the information with clearly highlighted differences and options to choose which data you want to keep. Above the record column, the source from which this data originates is indicated, whether from your CRM or from the ARES business registry.

Regular automatic check of selected records

ARES registry plugin by Pro Futuro Consulting

The wide extension of the PFC CRM Business Register program also allows you to regularly review selected records according to various criteria that can be set up in the CRM ZOHO workflow. You can choose to run this check in certain time periods or even one time based on other criteria such as an address, city, zip code, telephone number, company name, the activity of the business relationship, or other, customer-specified criterion.

This update method has its limitations, resulting from the maximum possible daily or nightly number of queries to the ARES Business Registry and from the selected automatic update scenario. We may provide more information when asked about a specific case.

I want to get a link for the plugin