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What is CRM and what is it used for? Meet Zoho CRM and Zoho BIGIN

What does CRM do?
CRM - Customer relationship management can be defined ambiguously, depending on what we expect from it. But what is CRM? For some, this is a strategy to identify, understand, manage and meet the business needs of their potential and existing customers. For others, this is a system that:
 Helps you get different information from multiple areas to provide a complete (360 degree) view of the customer's needs and requirements
It provides various ways to manage business and marketing processes and how to regularly reach, request, or otherwise interact with customers.
In both of these cases, the CRM system helps companies build and consolidate their relationship.

Zoho CRM software in 4 functional and price variants

Zoho Crm

ZOHO CRM has the ability to be set in its range as you can. From individuals who can use the CRM Free version (CRM Free or CRM for nonprofits) to smaller workgroups that don't qualify for their system, but use internal CRM settings as they are. For these is a suitable version of Standard (approx. 300CZK/user). More advanced users can already use worker process automation, their own business email client or, for example, links to other external applications. This is possible version of ZOHO Professional (approx. 500CZK/user). At the top is the most popular version of ZOHO CRM Enterprise (approx. 875CZK/user). It is CRM software that has no limits. With artificial intelligence, customizable graphics of control and communication templates, customer portals, unlimited internal automation of activities, immediate change of localization to another language and connection to other ZOHO applications, there is no competition in terms of price/performance ratio. You can also find more information on the zoho.com in the CRMsection . 

Full version of CRM for exam

Zoho BIGIN for efficient and easy work

Zoho Bigin Crm

ZOHO BIGIN is a simplified and lightweight version of ZOHO CRM. It doesn't include anything that's not needed to work quickly with customers, opportunities, or individual business cases. However, it still has some specific features that are only in the highest versions of ZOHO CRM. These include imap email connection not email service, internal process automation, automatic notification or full-fledged mobile application.
The aim was to offer an application that will be deprived of all unnecessary ballast and, on the contrary, will be in accordance with the daily business practices and needs of traders, work team and people moving in the field. And all at an unbeatable price. For individuals who use it only for their personal use, the app is free of charge. For work teams that need to share data, communicate with each other, and also use more features and automation processes, or need professional connection to email services, it is at a completely unbeatable price (approx. 175CZK/user) including the above full offline mobile application.

More information can also be found on the ZOHO website in the Biginsection .

Full version of CRM Bigin for exam