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    A complete package of applications in the cloud for remote work,

    cooperation, as well as the provision of support and services

    To help all those who are forced to work

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ZOHO Remotely - remote communication tools

ZOHO Remotely is a package of 11 work-related and communication applications in one complete user interface, designed for remote communication and cooperation both between registered users of ZOHO Remotely and outside of this group. This enables simplicity in terms of data exchange and instant or long-term communication among you and your customers.

With ZOHO Remotely, you can organize teleconferences, video conferencing, share and create different types of files needed for your work, such as spreadsheets, documents, or presentations. You can share content both freely and with a time period restriction or only after entering a one-time passphrase. You can share your projects, schedules, and work schedules with others, assign tasks to other users or receive tasks from your customers. You can remotely present both the environment of your computer or individual apps, files, or presentations, or you can remotely access your customers' computers and provide them with service or other remote services. You can work outside the office outdoors with augmented reality and in real-time receive instructions from external workers or, conversely, provide these instructions and procedures in real-world scenes.

You can manage individual applications in one, easy-to-use environment that allows you to control user access, access rights settings, usage tracking, and so on.

You can invite customers and other external users to the applications by simply sending an access link via email, without the need for them to be registered.

I want to use it for free until 1.7.2020
ZOHO Remotely applications


Cliq is a real-time message and file sharing tool. This solution saves you time and ensures instant communication. It includes private and public forums, video and voice calls, secure and searchable chats, including history. It also offers configurable smart "shoes" and integration with other applications.

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ZOHO Meeting

Meeting is an application for online presentations, webinars, and meetings. It allows you to record the process of the webinar for later access, to share the desktop, and pass control within a meeting. Desktop sharing is possible for both the whole environment and only the application window.
Webinars and online meetings can be scheduled and the invitations can be sent to participants' calendars using a meeting file that is compatible with different types of work calendars.

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ZOHO Assist

Assist offers on-demand service connections that allow the operator to remotely access the customer's computer, monitor storylines, install programs, or transfer files.
It can also be used for remote access to your own computer at work, for example as when working from home.

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Lens allows you to see the situation or problem through the eyes of your customers or workers on the site. You can access the camera of a smart device - mobile or tablet from your computer in real-time, and remotely find a solution that can be drawn or highlighted in the image on 3D objects and commented on. Everything can be recorded.

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ZOHO Projects

Projects allow you to plan and track your and your team's work so that everything runs according to a set schedule. You have an overview thanks to Gants' charts, as well as detailed information about the fulfillment of each task or milestone. You can create custom project templates or personalize the data items needed to track projects. Tasks can be automated to ensure that they are shared and processed without the need for personal intervention.

ZOHO Workdrive

ZOHO ShowTime

ShowTime is a training platform for the collaboration of all participants, such as trainers, experts, management, and other resources, in real-time. You can use a whiteboard for taking notes and drawing, a shared microphone, screen sharing, and recording. In the end, you can use the tools to evaluate meetings, get feedback, and feedback surveys, to really get the most out of the meeting.


ZOHO Sprints

One of the challenges of working in a team is to plan and track all activities. Without the correct tool, there will be downtime or repetition sooner or later. Sprints lets you track the progress and progress of tasks and always see the current status. Thanks to many integrations into other tools, both from Zoho or other suppliers, this tool can be agile development and projects, tailored to exactly the kind of process that suits you.

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ZOHO WorkDrive

With Workdrive, you can manage your personal and team files online to be available at any time. The entire platform ensures maximum data security and file sharing to individual users through encryption, both during transmission and storage, in the ISO 27001 and SOC Type II security standards.


ZOHO Writer

A powerful text editor for creating professional documents and sharing them in a team in real time. All common editing functionalities including grammar checking, style suggestions, approval procedures and procedures within the team, wordpress intergrace and many other tools.

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ZOHO Sheet

Zoho Sheet is a spreadsheet-calculator, for working with data, evaluating it and further sharing it with team or external users, as in the case of Writer, in real time. Of course there are a number of functions for working with data and animated charts with the possibility of placement on the website.



The show allows you to create and present your thoughts and ideas anytime, anywhere. Simply select the graphic and content theme of the presentation and convert your story into individual slides. Work with images, videos, charts, tweets, and animations. You can share, publish, and broadcast your creations on public or private forms and communication channels, including websites, blog posts, social media, and much more.